The 'NuggleBuddy Evolution

Ann Gore Owner/Creator

Several years ago, I was given an unusual, homemade Christmas gift by a neighbor. It was a plaid, cloth bag that had been stuffed with something mysteriously "grainy." As I graciously accepted this gift, I was thinking to myself ... "Hmmm, ... this is interesting... somewhat unappealing to the eye,... but then, I've never been much into plaids, and after all, it's the thought that counts, right? BUT WHAT IS IT?"

This gift came along with a note instructing me to microwave the bag for two minutes. So after a moment or two of sniffing and manipulating it trying to guess what was inside, I hesitantly tossed it into the microwave and hoped for the best. What happened next amazed me! The bag came out of the microwave wonderfully warm, with just a hint of moisture. Something I just wanted to HUG! Even though the scent of this heated "mysterious substance" was less than pleasing, the bag itself was very comforting.

I found myself heating this bag every night and taking it to bed with me. It put me right to sleep! My then 11 year old daughter caught on and we began fighting over this bag every night. We used it so often that it began to look a little shabby, so one day I decided to cut it open...and what did I find???? CORN KERNELS!

THUS, MY QUEST BEGAN... I explored many herbal combinations to create several very pleasing and soothing scents that compliment the "grainy" smell when heated while being therapeutically beneficial at the same time. I began experimenting with various grains to discover which combinations would heat the most evenly and retain their heat for the longest period of time. I then began to study aromatherapy, botanicals and herbs... both their primitive and modern-day uses.

Now all that was left was the re-creation of the dreaded plaid bag! One fabric led to another, several shapes evolved into our final design, and, finally in October of 2009, 'NuggleBuddy™ was born!

Since 'NuggleBuddy's 2009 launch, we've grown a bit and our sales have expanded worldwide. We care about each of our customers and get so much satisfaction from being able to provide them with comfort and quality. We STILL and always will handcraft all of our 'NuggleBuddies using only premium products and natural ingredients.

Be Blessed!